Senior driver lessons

I offer driving lessons for senior drivers, you are never too old to learn to drive. In fact, statistically older people make for very responsible drivers and are much less likely to be involved in an accident. Senior drivers tend to be much more aware of the risks in driving and thus won't make some of the mistakes a young driver will.

There is quite a lot to learn but it can be a very enjoyable experience with the right trainer. I can help you with the practical side and even help you with the theory. I will help you understand why things that may at first seem to make no sense, with the correct training actually makes perfect sense. Everything you learn will help you become a good, safe and responsible driver from the offset. I fully understand not every adult driver will be at the same level some may have never driven before, some may have been motorcyclists, you may have had a number of lessons with family or friends or even had some lessons in the past. Whatever stage you are at, I can help take you forward to test standard and onto becoming a good, safe and responsible driver.
I'm sure you would like to be at a good driving standard so that you pass your test first time. I won't ask you to do unnecessary extra hours if I feel you are test ready. I won't push you to do it faster or slow you down if you are excelling, I will help you reach that goal at your own pace. We all know some will be quicker at picking things up than others, but rest assured almost everyone is capable of becoming a good, safe and responsible driver and I would love to help you on that journey.

The diagram below shows how the journey may begin. Simply make contact with me and book some lessons or a taster lesson with me and see how enjoyable and rewarding it actually is. You will need to do some home study for your theory and hazard perception test and there are several apps that you can download to do this. Once you have passed your theory and hazard perception, I will help you with all the other aspects of becoming a safe, competent and responsible driver. I will teach you everything you need to know and we will work together at your own pace to get you to a standard where you will pass your driving test.