Provisional Licence Check

It is a legal requirement for driving schools and instructors to check that your licence is valid and clean before you start your driving lessons.
  • Unlike the old paper licence, the photocard licence doesn’t provide this information, so if you have any penalty points or disqualifications I will not be aware. So as an instructor I must carry out an online licence check or do this by phone before your first lesson.

  • The best way for me to do this without you giving away details to somebody you may never have met, is by going on to the government website, you’ll be able to view or share your driving licence information and produce a single-use ‘check code’ that you’ll be able to share with with me for 21 days.

  • To do this you will need:

  • Your driving licence number (section 5 on the front of your photocard licence)
  • Your National Insurance number. Click here if you don’t know it
  • The postcode on your provisional driving licence

  • Once the system produces a check code you’ll need to send this to me, along with your driving licence number. Please note: the check code will be case-sensitive, so copy and paste it where possible, you can use the Contact Form to do this.

  • Please note: A licence check MUST be carried out by me your driving school/instructor before your first driving lesson, even if you know your licence is clean.